Top 10 Craft Trends of 2021

Top 10 Craft Trends of 2021

Trends come and go; it is part of life. However, it is interesting to see what is taking hold in the craft world and what people are creating for their families and others. It seems that a lot of mothers, who might not traditionally have crafted anything, now feel comfortable doing so with their children. This is not surprising since the internet has given them access to all sorts of wonderful information and tools. The beauty of making crafts online, for a mom or for an artisan who works traditionally, is that you can just hop on your computer and start. Trends are inevitable, but the wonderful thing about handmade crafts is that you can still make something unique and beautiful even if a particular trend is not quite popular.

One of the most interesting trends in handmade crafts right now is the interest in oil painting. To many people this is still considered a hobby that only artists do. However, there are several women out there who are producing beautiful oil paintings that are hugely popular with both men and children. Trendy oil painting seems to be in style for every time of year. Whether it is fall, winter or spring, there are some lovely oil paintings that can be purchased as both gifts and for sale.

Another one of the trendy crafts at the moment is stained glass. It is no longer just a hobby for adults. The trend started last fall with the launch of several jewelry stores selling amazing creations made from stained glass. Stained glass jewelry is very popular with young and old alike. No matter what season it is, you will never lack for choices in this growing craft.

Craft shows are always a good place to check out new trends. You can learn a lot by observing what the different creators are doing. Also, if you happen to be attending a craft show in the near future, you can buy some craft books to give you tips and tricks that you can use to sell well at future events. There is definitely more to know about these trends than what has been written here.

If you are looking for other trending crafts to get into, there are plenty of options. There are always specialty shops and shows, held each fall for artists of all skill levels. Check the local yellow pages for a list of such art shows. Another way to keep up on the latest craft trends is to subscribe to the “Art is in” newsletter. Art is not only for the rich anymore.

Decorating has certainly become a lucrative craft since the economic recession. Trendy decor trends are popping up everywhere. If you love to get started with creating colorful home decor, you should check out the many do-it-yourself decorating kits that are available online and in retail stores. No matter if you are looking for a new way to spice up your living room or want to try a new theme for your bedroom, you will find hundreds of easy-to-follow do-it-yourself step-by-step guides on the Internet.

Decorating trends tend to repeat themselves every few years as the tastes of people continue to change. If you are looking for timeless and trendy craft supplies, be sure to check out the specialty craft stores in your area. You may even want to start shopping at your local thrift store on Christmas time. The sales at these places are usually fantastic and you can pick up some truly unique decorative items for next to nothing.

Crafting is always fun, and so are the handmade crafts that you can sell or give away. If you are feeling creative but do not have the money to buy expensive supplies, consider hosting a sewing or craft party. For a low-cost way to get started with creating handmade crafts, try hosting a flea market. This is another trend that will see you popping up all over the place from coast to coast. Many women host their own flea markets during the fall months to sell their handcrafted creations, which they use for various household items, gifts and clothes. Be prepared to haggle with your fellow sewers to get the best deals on the latest trendy craft supplies.

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