Top trending Dramas of Pakistan!

Top trending Dramas of Pakistan!

Which are the top Pakistani dramas? Over the past decade, television has become an increasingly important part of Pakistani life. With satellite TV gaining in popularity and local channels gaining ratings, television programming has become a national pastime. Here’s a look at some of the most popular and most watched Pakistani dramas of recent years.

Ashura. This long-running soap opera is fondly known as the Pakistani Bridal Show. Ashura is about a girl who must choose between her sacred duties to her family and her feelings for a man. The show’s happy ending is not unlike many Pakistani dramas; however, it’s also very emotional for the characters. The show ended with a shocking and heartfelt kiss between the lead characters and their beloved. A contemporary adaptation, Ashura was made popular by Mika Mehendi and aired on National Geographic channels.

Karachiabad. The story of this successful drama series revolves around the rise of one of the greatest villains of modern Pakistan, MQ rests in a small town called Karachiabad. Captured from the Hindu minority Baba Faraz, MQ is transformed into a ruthless criminal who robs shop owners, kills his own brother, throws acid in the faces of his own wife and children and terrorizes the residents of the small town. The series captivated the attention of television audiences around the world and was made into a blockbuster movie. It now has its own franchise.

Another recent dramatic series that follows a love triangle is Kahara Milam. This drama series follows a young woman, Kahara, who falls in love with a boy from her village. However, he abandons her and moves away, but she decides to stay and pursue her dream of love. The story takes a romantic turn as the couple reunites and they begin to fall in love.

Captain Khan and Kashmir. This fantastic story depicts the daring and adventurous life of a daring and adventurous hero, Captain Khan. Award winning actor, portraying the character of Captain Khan, has received accolades from the national and international film communities. The story revolves around the patriotic and underdog sentiment of the character and depicts them as a true representative of Pakistan.

Haqqaniya. This outstanding drama depicts a set of contrasting plots and dramatic elements that keep the audience engrossed. The story revolves around the rise of a newly born political party in Pakistan and their quest to establish power in the country. Haqqaniya is an exemplary piece of Pakistani theater and has won several awards at various different competitions.

No Woman No Love. This romantic drama portrays the love triangle between two of the main characters-Sara and Sohara, played by actress, Missana. The plot revolves around a love triangle that is depicted with the sensuality and delicacy of cinema. It depicts the tender moments between Sara and Sohara as well as between Sara’s parents and her fiance and Sohara’s friends. No Woman No Love was one of the most successful films of 2021 and was awarded for Best Picture at the awards ceremonies. The film was highly praised not only by its actors but by the film critics as well as the film makers.

The Missing Face. This dramatic story depicts the story of a young woman, Mullah Mustafa, who is married to a terrorist organization. She then becomes a target of the agency and is presumed dead. However, she resurfaces after three years and is ready to take revenge against the terrorists who have wronged her.

The Lady from Kutamata. This drama tells the story of a lady called Ashura who falls in love with an Army Officer. However, things do not go according to plan and Ashura is killed in childbirth. After her death, her husband takes up arms and is victorious in his search for justice.

Private Ballet. This drama tells the story of two talented but unpopular ballerinas-one of them is forced to dance for the money and the other is talented and wants to make it big in the world. The plot revolves around their struggle to be recognized. Ballet is one of the most demanding theaters and this drama has been getting good notices from the viewers.

With all these amazing shows being screened regularly, the demand for more plays is continuously increasing. Therefore, theatre directors have been trying hard to make it big in the industry. They are also working on improving the quality of the shows so that people will get hooked on to it easily.

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