Why Are There Trending Movies Now?

Why Are There Trending Movies Now?

The Pakistani movie industry is getting popular day by day. The government has also taken an interest into the film industry and has given millions of dollars as tax grants to the movie industry over the past few years. In fact, Pakistan’s leading film actor, Sharukh Khan was recently honored with an honorary doctorate degree from an eminent institute. With all this going on, it is no wonder that the Pakistani movie industry is enjoying immense popularity. Let us discover what is happening in Pakistan’s film industries.

After the mid 90s, Hollywood films made their arrival in Pakistan but the demand was slowly mute. However, things changed after the formation of Islamic laws in Pakistan. Nowadays, all movies are banned and this includes all pornography. Moreover, the charges for watching movies are extremely stringent. People can only have a handful of rugs on rent per week and they cannot watch a single film within that time period.

Over the past few years, there have been some dramatic changes in the Pakistani society. The younger generation and women have realized their rights to be educated. Hence, they are demanding their right to see a movie or two every month. There have been huge successes too in this field. Two of the biggest hits this season have been Zoor Ke Tehr and Dabang Ghazi. These two movies have enjoyed massive demand from the viewers.

The success of these two movies has paved the way for many more movies to be launched in the coming years. Besides, there are other movies being promoted in the market. For example, there are several movies in the pipeline and they include the movie about a girl who falls in love with an elephant and ends up marrying one. Another movie called Neelkanth Chameez Darwaja is based on this premise. A comedy drama called Dheer and a biopic about the late Punjabi singer Raja Kumar are also in the pipeline.

As a result of these mind boggling movies, the movie market in Pakistan is booming. Even the local theaters are organizing movie nights where a large number of movie buffs come together for a show. Many of these movie channels have tie ups with famous stars from Hollywood. Therefore, if someone wants to catch a movie which he or she has missed out on, then it is the perfect time to catch it in theollywood.

Another major cause of the ever increasing demand for movies in Pakistan is the release of some big budget movies. The releases of movies are usually supported or financed by the government. Thus, people are often excited to know when new movies will be released in the market. As a result, when a movie becomes popular, its demand just naturally increases.

A major reason for the increased demand for movies is the increase in the number of people who are watching movies in the Pakistani movie industry. These days, there is more demand for quality movies that offer true entertainment value. The quality of movies shot in Pakistan is also getting better.

There is no doubt that the popularity of movies has made the Pakistani movie industry even more flourishing. In fact, the government is doing all it can to support the movie industry so that people will not lose interest in seeing movies. Moreover, the rise in demand for movies has also made it possible for Pakistani actors to earn well while residing in the country. With these two things happening at the same time, the picture of Pakistan as a progressive state is becoming a lot more brighter.

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